3.4.5 – Elevator Hinge Installation

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Next I mounted the four hinges to the two elevators. The elevators are mounted at the rear of the canard. When the control stick is pulled back, the elevators are deflected down which increases lift at the canard (airplane goes up).

Two holes are drilled in the hinge. Then structural epoxy is applied to the hinge and it’s riveted to the elevator. Finally, another hole is drilled between the two rivets and a screw and nut are used to further hold it in place.

This is the area of the elevator that the hinge gets attached to.  I’ve already sanded the primer and filler away from the carbon fiber and drilled the holes for the rivets.

2008-01-16 1010 IMG_5739

This is one of the hinge brackets riveted, glued and screwed in place.

Here are both elevators with the four hinge brackets on each elevator.

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