6.9 Overhead Fresh Air Plenum Installation

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Now that the overhead beams are installed, the modification to the front of the plenum is done and the lighting for the overhead air plenum is finished, it’s time to install the plenum itself. I had to cut away the side where it meets the overhead beam to the B-pillars. Then I spread structural adhesive and riveted the plenum in place. Most builders probably leave it at that, but I put down a 1 BID layup.

Here’s the plenum after the 1 BID layups had cured.

2010-04-14 0903 IMG_0415

2010-04-14 0903 IMG_0416

Then it’s finishing time. Most builders cover the A-pillars, B-pillars, beams and plenum with some type of upholstery (leather, vinyl, cloth, etc).  But since I decided to follow Andy Millin’s lead and paint these parts, it was time to get to work. As much work as the plenum was, it was EASY compared to these surfaces! The plenum was on a workbench. The surfaces I was working on how were not so easy to work with.

But eventually it was time to paint.

Here’s the result:

B-pillar and part of the plenum

2010-06-07 1430 IMG_0598

2010-06-07 1347 IMG_0588

Closeup of the plenum with the map light.

2010-06-07 1347 IMG_0590

Hand hold on the pilot’s side A-pillar.

2010-06-07 1348 IMG_0592 2010-06-07 1348 IMG_0593

Overhead switch panel (with sample switch).

2010-05-22 1643 IMG_0567

2010-06-07 1348 IMG_0591

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