13.8.2 Annunicator Panel

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Once the basic frame was done, I had to add a flange to hold the mask. I used some 3/16″ styrene angle stock and created a recess to hold the mask.

Which fits in just about perfectly!

Then I reinforced the flange with a plate of .60″ sheet.

Next I created the mounting pads for the printed circuit board.

I was going to simply glue in the mask and leave it at that. But I wasn’t sure how the gap between the mask and flange was going to look. And there would be no easy way to replace the mask. So I decided to make a faceplate to cover it.

Here’s the frame with the mask and faceplate installed.

And with the PCB attached.


Then I painted the frame and faceplate flat black.

Now it’s time to start assembling the components onto the PCB.

Here are the HiFlux, 90 degree LEDs installed.

The connectors, resistors, diodes and transistors.

Finished Annunicator Panel (AKA, Master Warning Panel).

With the Fuel Pump (Amber), Pilot Door Unsafe and Parking Brake (Red) indicators illuminated.


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