16.1.1 N-Numbers

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Since I will initially being flying in primer and not paint, there is no reason to go to the trouble of painting on the registration numbers. So I looked for temporary N-numbers.  I looked at a couple of suppliers and found Ace Graphics. After exchanging a couple emails with Bruce I placed the order for Royal Blue, Semi Rounded numbers.  I chose royal blue because the propeller already has trim paint that looked like royal blue. The N-Numbers arrived while I was down working on the plane.

Before starting to apply them, I hit the area under the strake with some 1500 grit sandpaper to remove any overspray from when we painted the top half.

2015-04-18 MG_20150418_162737540

Once I had a nice smooth surface, I taped the N-numbers to the top of the area under the strake and then cut between each letter/number. Then it was just a matter of peeling the backing paper away and using a spreader to apply the numbers.

2015-04-18 IMG_20150418_165534165  2015-04-18 IMG_20150418_161437875

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