15.99 – Crash Axe Holder

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During the build, one of the things that I thought about is how would I exit the plane if it were upside down? Better to think about this now than when time is short.

Because of the gull-wing doors, it seems like it would be rather difficult to open the doors with the airplane on its roof.  Some planes have quick release doors. Basically a way to remove the hinge pins. I thought about implementing this and talked to Malcolm who had some ideas as well. The problem is that trying to implement it after the doors have been mounted would be a chore.  And it would require an opening to access the hinge pin from inside the cabin… which would allow water in.

So I came up with “Plan B”.  Busting out. I researched “Crash Axes” and found a bunch… that weren’t practical. Either because they were too big and heavy or they were insanely expensive.  I found one for $400.

In the end, I settled on the “Dead On Annihilator” demolition tool. Small and only 2 pounds. The claw is razor sharp and it’s long enough to provide some leverage.

Now where to put it?  I decided to put it on the side of the cabin just aft of the B-Pillar.  To keep from snagging things and prevent it from becoming a missile, I made at holder for it out of foam and some lightweight BID.

A length of Velcro strap should keep it in place until needed.  Which is hopefully never.


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