15.99 – Cabin Heat Control

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One of the things that I noticed (actually Ann noticed) is that while I have great heat, she doesn’t have that much.  It took me a minute to figure out why.

There are two ports on the duct which carries the heated air from the oil cooler to the hoses that feed it to the cabin. Since the hot air duct is just on the other side of the bulkhead from the pilot side rudder pedals, there is a very short piece of tubing (maybe 1″) that runs from the duct to the opening just in front of the rudder pedals.

But for the copilot side, it runs up to the top of the canard bulkhead, over the copilot side and then down to the floor.

That air is going to want to take the path of least resistance some almost all of it ends up on the pilot side.

So I created some movable covers.

Here’s the hot air port on the pilot side.

2017-10-14 IMG_20171014_104210

With the new cover installed and in the open position.

2017-10-14 IMG_20171014_104730

With the new cover in place blocking the hot air. 2017-10-14 IMG_20171014_104716

With the hot air restricted on the pilot side, it should be forced over to the copilot side. We’ll have to wait for cold weather to see if it works.


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