8.99 – Cracked wheel

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During the annual condition inspection this year, I was tightening the three screws which hold the brake disc onto the wheels.  One of them was not tightening.  I thought that maybe I had stripped the head.

Turns out the threads in the wheel are what got stripped.

I called Matco to see if a helicoil was an approved fix. While waiting for a callback from an engineer, I pulled the wheel because whether I could use a helicoil or had to replace the wheel, it was going to have to come off anyway.

Once it was off, I looked at the hole and decided that replacement was the only option.

2018-08-14 IMG_20180814_095147a

The crack around the hole makes fixing it a non-starter.

When I spoke to Matco, they said that if I sent them the wheel that they would replace the half with the crack for $90.

So off it went.

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