4.2.8 Battery Shelf

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The installation of the Battery shelf (or tray) was listed early on in the build manual. But I’ve been putting it off hoping that a new, small, light-weight, high-tech battery would become available. There are tons of them in 12 volts, but they haven’t started making 24 volt versions yet.

So I took the supplied part and decided to improve it a bit. The factory part is just a flat piece with a bottom that fits the inside of the fuselage. I added a small “wall” around it. That way, if it ever decides to try and run away, it won’t fall into the landing gear and create more problems.

Unfortunately, my trip down was part business and I flew commercial so my phone was my only camera. But here’s the battery tray with the low wall around it.

Then the corners are cleaned up and a layer of BID inside and out.

The hole in the corner is to allow a slightly larger battery.

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