99 Skydiving

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About 100 yards from the hangar is Skydive Sebastian that uses a DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter as a jump plane. Every day we hear the plane take off and about 15 minutes later it lands about the same time as all the skydivers. Yesterday I stopped by and asked if I could ride along in the right seat. So once the spar was in, I grabbed a spare headset and rode one of the bikes down to the skydiving center. There were about 12 lunatics… er, I mean skydivers in the back. We climbed up to 13,500 feet and then:

2008-01-29 IMG_5889 2008-01-29 IMG_5890 2008-01-29 IMG_5891 2008-01-29 IMG_5892 2008-01-29 IMG_5893

After the last one was out, I turned to face forward and directly in front of me was this:

2008-01-29 IMG_5894

You figure it out.

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