6A.3.1 Parking Brake

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Sometimes you need to keep the plane from rolling when stopped for a short period of time. Waiting for an IFR clearance, stopped on an uneven surface, etc.

The Cessna has this MacGuyver mechanism with cables that go to the brake pedals and a pull lever that looks like it came out of a ’66 Ford Fairlane.

So this is how I’m going to have a parking brake. A dual cylinder valve goes in between the brake pedals and the calipers. The brakes are activated and while holding the pedals down, the valve is closed which keeps the brake line pressurized.

Here’s the valve on the inside of the left side next to the rudder/brake pedals.

Then the brake lines are cut and connected to the valve assembly.

The next task is to fabricate the linkage to the valve which will connect to a level at the bottom of the instrument panel.


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