5.2.4 Door Hinge Installation (Modification)

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One of the common complaints about the door design is that it can leak. This is due to the hinge cutouts.

Here’s the top of the pilot side door opening with the door removed. You can see where the two hinges mount.

And here’s a closeup. Notice how you can see though? That’s how rainwater ends up in your lap.

Malcolm suggested covering this opening. So I got a piece of scrap fiberglass and cut it to the correct shape. Then I bonded it up place with an epoxy/cabo mix.

Once it cured, I covered the inside with a layer of BID and then filled the outside and sanded it smooth.

It won’t look perfect, but I think it will not be at all noticeable and any rainwater that come in around the hinge will have no place to go but out around the door.

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