5.3.6 Door Pin Sleeves

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The sleeves that the door pins go into have been something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. They are not only ugly, but they have a tendency to catch clothing when entering and exiting.

2012-05-23 IMG_20120523_092117 (Large)

Some builders have made aluminum plates to cover them. I tried that, but getting the hole drilled at the compound angle was proving difficult.

So I decided to try a somewhat artistic approach (even though that is definitely not my forte).

I mixed up some epoxy with cabosil and a little milled fiber and moulded around the sleeve. When it cured, I sanded it and then added another layer. Then sanded, filled, sanded and painted.

2014-07-21 IMG_20140721_105914595 (Large)

Not sure how well it’ll hold up, but I haven’t got my shirt torn since.

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