5.3 Door Latch Micro Switches

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On each door there is a micro switch that detects when one of the door latch pins is fully engaged. When I made the lower door opening modification, I made a cutout for the micro switch.

To mount the micro switches, I made a hardpoint out of 1/8″ aluminum stock. I screwed the switch to the hardpoint and used structural adhesive to bond it in position.

Because it won’t be subjected to heat or stress, I’m not going to cover it with fiberglass.

The door pin doesn’t travel far enough to contact the micro switch. Some people have used wooden dowels to create an extension. But when water get in the wood swells and gets stuck holding the micro switch in the “engaged” position which means you won’t know if the door latch pins are engaged or not.

So I used part of a plastic coat hanger. I cut a small section off.

Chucked it in the drill and sanded the diameter down until it was the correct size. Then I created a depression in one end to match the door pin.

The length was determined by trial and error. I just kept trimming it shorter until with the door latched, the switch was triggered.

Switch with the door latched.

For a cover, I used some scrap fiberglass and cut to fit the opening. Then I created some small aluminum hardpoints and used structural adhesive to bond them in place.


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