9.3.2 Baffles and Bulkheads

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As with traditional wings, the skins require an internal structure. In the strakes, this is accomplished with bulkheads that also serve as baffles to prevent fuel from rapidly moving inside the strake. The bulkheads are 1/4″ Dyvinicel foam with a layer of BID on each side. They are then cut to fit.

Glassing in the wheel wells and gear leg wells to the lower strake.

2009-02-10 0833 CIMG4016

Holding the wells down with a heavy beam while everything sets up. Also starting to install some of the ribs. These vertical pieces are to strengthen the area and to prevent the fuel from sloshing around.

Closeup of the inside-rear area.

2009-02-10 0834 CIMG4017

Right side from the front. After everything sets up.

2009-02-10 0834 CIMG4019

Additional ribs installed.

2009-02-16 1316 CIMG4020

Notice in the corners where the ribs/baffles meet that there are small cutouts. This allows the fuel to move. The cutouts are called “mouse holes”. 🙂

Tops of the wheel wells being prepared.

2009-02-16 1316 CIMG4021

Inside of the plane looking back at the right side. Fittings for the fuel supply, vent and return. On the left side of the picture you can see the storage area. The fuel line hardpoints are 1/8″ aluminum which are drilled and tapped to receive the fittings. They are then attached with epoxy and covered with 2x BID.

  2009-02-16 1317 CIMG4025

Right side, looking back from the front. The temporary trial fitting of the top skin.

2009-02-18 1454 CIMG4029

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