00 Flipping the Fuselage

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There’s quite a bit of work to perform on the bottom of the fuselage. Mostly finish type work but some mechanical work too. Trying to do this work from underneath is difficult so while the fuselage is still fairly light it’s easier to flip the plane and do it from the top. So I built a set of semi-circular flip jigs and bolted them to the center strake. Then I put out a call for a number of people to help with the manual labor. Here’s Mark (left) and John (right) wondering “how in the hell is this thing going to fly?” before the flip.

2009-10-11 0112 DSC_0337

I clamped a sawhorse to the top (it will soon be underneath) of the canard bulkhead to support the front once it’s flipped.           

2009-10-11 0113 DSC_0339

Ken walking around wondering “how in the hell is this thing going to fly?”

2009-10-11 0120 DSC_0341

Me, Mark, John, Ken, Steve and Tom staring the lift.

2009-10-11 0121 DSC_0342

Me (left), Steve (right), Mark (behind Steve) almost at the halfway point. John (far left) is looking like he wants to get as far from this operation as possible.

2009-10-11 0121 DSC_0343

Over the top. Everybody else has moved over the other side. I’m just leaning on this side so everybody else can feel a little extra weight.

2009-10-11 0121 DSC_0344

Coming down.

2009-10-11 0121 DSC_0345

Just a little further. In addition to supporting the front, the sawhorse also makes for something to hold onto as John figured out.

2009-10-11 0122 DSC_0346

The eagle has landed! Tom (left, and note the t-shirt on a 40 degree day), Ken (middle) and a happy me (right).

2009-10-11 0122 DSC_0347

Rolling the turtle back in the shop. John (left), Mark (middle) and Steve (right, and note the shorts on a 40 degree day) pushing.

2009-10-11 0124 DSC_0352

Official event photographer Sarah.

2009-10-11 0130 DSC_0358

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