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The plan was to move the Velocity to the Lake In The Hills Airport (3CK) sometime around June. Then the wings and prop would be installed, the engine started and taxi testing would begin.

But we’re moving to Florida.

This has been on the horizon for a while but I was hoping to finish before the move took place.

Now the big problem is that there is no hangar space in Panama City, FL (and the hangars they do have are double the cost of my Chicago area hangar… go figure that out!).  I’ve been on the waiting list for about a year and so far nothing.

There’s an airport with hangar space about an hour NW of Panama City, but if I moved the Velocity there, it would be an hour drive each way and I would have no resources at that field (at 3CK, I’ve got an A&P/IA, avionics tech and some other people that I know who I can call on for help).

So we made the decision to move the Velocity to Sebastian, FL. That way, I will have the resources of the Velocity factory, transition training will be easier and when it’s time for the first flight, I won’t have to fly John Abraham (test pilot) out to Panama City.

Of course the down side is that I’ll be spending 5 days a week in Sebastian until I’m done. 🙁

Travis is scheduled to arrive on the 28th of this month to pickup the Velocity and transport it down to Sebastian. We’re going to be loading up the truck and moving down to Panama City around the 3rd or September.

So for the past month or so, I’ve been trying to get as much done as possible and prepping the plane for transport.

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