00 Airplane Arrives

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We have an airplane. And I think I should have built a bigger shop.

At around 3:30pm, Dan Fast pulled in the driveway.

 2008-03-15 1434 IMG_5998

Because I went ahead and mounted the center wing spar, the fuselage had to be transported almost on it’s side.

2008-03-15 1434 IMG_6000

Me and my son Steve. That’s the left wing we’re standing in front of.

2008-03-15 1435 IMG_6001

Dan removing all the straps that held everything in place.

2008-03-15 1439 IMG_6003

The wings are in.

2008-03-15 1453 IMG_6004

The left main wheel was removed so that’s got to be reinstalled.

2008-03-15 1456 IMG_6008

It takes four people to get the fuselage off the trailer and on it’s own wheels. With me, Dan and Steve, we needed another person, the bigger the better. So we made the call to our good friends Tim and Anne. Here’s Tim with Steve probably wondering how this thing is supposed to fly.

2008-03-15 1518 IMG_6012

Tim’s wife Anne brought the necessary celebratory refreshments.

2008-03-15 1515 IMG_60102008-03-15 1515 IMG_6011

The following show the fuselage coming off the trailer and into the shop.


All done!

My wife Ann (left) with Tim’s wife Anne (right). It’s got to be good mojo to have a couple hot babes celebrating the new project, right?

2008-03-15 1543 IMG_6040

Family photo. Me, Ann and Steve.

2008-03-15 1537 IMG_6039

 Two more pictures. These are from the web cam.





 See what I mean? I should have built a bigger shop.

 Next, I get to do inventory… again.

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