00 Sebastian Pre-Departure

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My last day at the Builders Center. Not all of the parts were brought over from the production facility so once I finished the inventory I rode over to the factory and sat down with Ken to go over the missing parts. Most of the missing items were already boxed up and ready to ship. A couple items were on backorder. The few remaining missing parts (it’s possible that I used them and forgot to mark them off) he just grabbed them out of inventory. No questions asked.

I also found out that the wings would not be ready for transport for two weeks. My plan was to have Travis arrive on 2/18 with the airplane and stay for a couple days to help get started with the strakes. After the two weeks in the middle of February, I’m not going to have much time to dedicate to the build until the 10th of March. Frustrating. But since it’s a two year project (hah!), three weeks isn’t that much of a setback… I guess.

I did get to actually do some work on my wings.

Here I’m fitting the pocket for the rudder bellcrank earlier in my visit.

2008-01-26 IMG_2056 (Large)

By the time I was packing up to leave, we had finished glassing the wings and winglets and the lower winglet is being attached.

2008-02-01 IMG_5908 2008-02-01 IMG_5911

Considering that with the fastbuild option, my amount of work on the plane is 51%, having worked on the wings puts me well over 51%. 🙂

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