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Trying to get the shop organized. Space is a bit tight so I’m trying to get things moved around so that I won’t be tripping over stuff.

For doing fiberglass prep, I built a 4×8 top for my tablesaw.


All the small parts (nuts, bolts, brackets, fittings, etc.) come in small ziplock bags that are in large ziplock bags for each major assembly (landing gear, fuel system, control system, etc.). It’s a real pain digging through 50 little ziplock bags looking for a washer. I did a lot of this in Florida at the factory. So I went to Lowes and got some utility boxes just for the hardware. I spent most of the day getting that stuff sorted out.

2008-04-02 0829 IMG_66862008-04-02 0828 IMG_6685

The next task for the day was building a platform for getting in and out of the fuselage. Without this, climbing in and out gets real old, real fast.

 2008-04-02 0829 IMG_6687

The final job was setting up the epoxy pump. There are about four different types of epoxies used on this project. Most are mixed at a 1:1 ratio. But the epoxy that will be used the most is mixed at a 44:100 ratio. Some people use a scale. That would be fine except it’s takes time and it’s easy to screw it up. So I purchased a metering pump. It has two tanks and a single lever that will dispense whatever ratio I want. But I had to calibrate it. Which meant I had to pump a sample of the resin and hardener into two separate containers and then weigh them. Then calculate the ratio, adjust the metering and do it again. And again. And again. And again. Until I got it to 44:100.   

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