14.2.3 Final Prime of the Cowling

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Malcolm suggested waiting until later to do the final prime of the cowling because it can get banged up putting it on and taking it off. Since I’m moving the plane, I figured that I should get it done as I may not have the facilities where it’s going.

I did some final sanding and filling on the top and riveted the oil door and filled the rivet heads. Then set the cowling outside and sprayed. About an hour later a very isolated shower came through and put some big craters in the primer. 🙁

So the next day I sanded it down and primed it again.

2014-08-20 IMG_20140820_200129914 (Large)  2014-08-20 IMG_20140820_200102964 (Large)IMG_20140826_113755737 (Large)

On retrospect, I’m probably going to remove the oil door and use nutplates with flathead screws on the cowling side of the hinge. It’s just really difficult to get good coverage of paint under the door.

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