7.3 Nose Gear Door Mechanism

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One of the final tasks for the nose gear door mechanism is a spring at the actuator. The gear is retracted with a hydraulic cylinder. But when retracted, it can (and does) move in flight. With a hard link between the nose gear leg and the actuator, the door will constantly be opening slightly when the nose gear bounces.

The fix is to put in a heavy spring between the nose gear leg and the actuator.

So I got a large spring and mounted it to the actuator.

2010-06-07 1508 IMG_05992010-06-07 1508 IMG_06002010-06-07 1508 IMG_0601


2010-06-19 1421 IMG_0611 2010-06-19 1421 IMG_0613 (Medium)

 Now when the nose gear moves a bit, the doors will stay closed. A final task is to create an up-stop behind the actuator that will define the closed position of the gear doors.

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