7.7.3 Main Gear Doors

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The build manual has you leave small openings at the bottom of the main landing gear doors. I built small “mini-doors” that will fill this opening. But now I have to figure out how to keep these little doors pushed out against the main gear doors.

Malcolm uses a thin strip of soft foam to apply the necessary outward pressure. But the geometry of my gear legs wont’ allow that. They keep ripping the foam off.

So I came up with a “Plan B” (I love a plan B). I cut a small piece of titanium and mounted it to the fixed side of the hinge. It’s damned near impossible to bend titanium so this tiny piece will hold the small door out with just the right amount of pressure.


Here’s the titanium tab sandwiched under the middle nut-plate.

Mounted with the gear up

And with the gear down (You can just see the tab between the gear leg and the door). It clears the gear leg by about 1/8″.


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