7.8.4 Nose Gear Up Microswitch mount

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There are a number of approaches to locating the position of the nose gear up microswitch. Most of the time some method of using the nose gear door is used to indicate the gear is up. I decided to locate mine there.

I took a small piece of aluminum angle stock, cut drilled and tapped one hole for the switch. The other hole I made a clearance hole and elongated it to allow for adjusting. Then I bonded it to the inside skin of the fuselage. Once the adhesive had cured, I covered it with 2xBID.

2013-09-17 IMG_20130917_083129_2702013-09-17 IMG_20130917_083143_824

Then I mounted the microswitch and adjusted it to activate when the nose gear door closed.

2013-09-17 IMG_20130917_130602_354a2013-09-17 IMG_20130917_130637_923


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