7.7.2 Parking Brake

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I’ve already installed the parking brake valve. Now I have to decide how to actuate it. I thought about using a simple push/pull cable. But then I’ve got to allocate panel space to it (along with the knob protruding from the panel).

So I decided on a different approach. I made an “L” shaped bracket from 1/8″ aluminum stock and painted it bright red. This gets mounted to the lower edge of the instrument panel. Then I used some leftover 1/4″ aluminum rod which I drilled and tapped. Finally, the rod ends that were leftover from the factory nose gear door mechanism.

View from behind the panel. Parking brake valve is on the right, Actuator lever is on the left.

Looking the lever in the non-locked position from the pilot’s seat.

Looking the lever in the locked position from the pilot’s seat.

It will be pretty much impossible to not realize that the parking brake is set.


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