7.1 Nose Gear Door Installation

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Once the door hinge tabs had set up, I cut the nose gear door in half. A rather difficult task considering that I was doing it in a somewhat upside down position. But once they were in half, they can be removed and then reinforcement layups are put over the hinge arms and over the hinge tabs to the fuselage.

This the inside of the nose area with the doors removed and the layups on the outside of the hinge tabs.

2008-01-20 0752 IMG_5810

Closeup of the rear tabs.  I have to drill through the layups that cover the holes in the tabs.

2008-01-20 0752 IMG_58112008-01-20 0752 IMG_5812

The (now two) nose gear doors with the layups over the hinge arms.

f   2008-01-20 1127 IMG_5813 2008-01-20 1127 IMG_5814 2008-01-20 1128 IMG_5815 2008-01-20 1128 IMG_5816

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