7.8.4 Main gear microswitch wire routing

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I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out the best routing for the wires from the main gear position microswitches. I’ve looked at how other builders routed theirs and done a bunch tests. In the end, I put the wires in the nylon sleeves, then wrapped spiral-wrap around it and ran it across the over-center link and then down the pilot-side gear leg.

Here’s what it looks like.

2013-11-08 IMG_20131108_175300_3472013-11-08 IMG_20131108_175318_8852013-11-08 IMG_20131108_175354_4212013-11-08 IMG_20131108_175412_359

Or you can watch it animated.


I bonded some wire attach pads to the underside of the over-center link and the gear leg. Then I used lacing cord to temporarily hold the harness while I cycled the gear. The tricky part is where the harness transitions from the over-center link to the gear leg.

Not quite as tricky but still important is where the harness transitions from the gear leg to the floor.

2013-11-08 IMG_20131108_175421_131

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