13.8.1 OAT probe

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The Outside Air Temperature Probe is supplied by Grand Rapids. One of the possible issues is that the OAT is used to calculate the True Air Speed (TAS). The faster you go, the higher the air temperature will appear to the probe. So locating the probe in a spot that can measure the air temperature while not being affected by the speed of the air is desirable.

One of the functions of the NACA duct is that is allows the air to slow down. So I decided to use the nose NACA duct.

Finding the center of the duct.

2013-10-03 IMG_20131003_125507_300

The material isn’t thick enough to create a recess so I had to drill through and then create a backing plate.

From the inside with the probe (covered in plastic so the adhesive doesn’t stick to it) and the back plate.

2013-10-03 IMG_20131003_182336_152

From the outside.

2013-10-03 IMG_20131003_182322_662

Finished. I’ll have to put some filler in to make look better though.

2013-10-04 IMG_20131004_084922_320 2013-10-04 IMG_20131004_084935_883


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