13.8.1 Magentometer Bracket

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Instead of the traditional whiskey compass, I’m going to have an electronic magnetometer. And for redundancy, I’ll have two.  I was originally planning on having one in the outboard pocket of the right strake and the other in the left. But builder Andy Millin put both of his in the same location.  I was worried that there could be some interference issues if both were in the same location but it would appear that my worries were unfounded. 🙂

So I simply copied Andy’s design.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

The support bracket is a 2″ piece of 2″x2″ angle stock. That will be screwed into a hardpoint which will be mounted to the outer part of the strake.

This the spot on the strake where the hardpoint will go. The area has been sanded and structural adhesive and been applied.

Hardpoint positioned and adhesive is cured. Now it covered with 2xBID.

2013-11-08 IMG_20131108_080759_734a

The mounting platforms (one for each magnetometer) are made out of 1/8″ aluminum (which is much stronger that needed) with holes to reduce weight.

2013-11-07 IMG_20131106_173759_156

Then I cut some 1/4″ aluminum tubing to create the spacers between the two platforms. Some 1-1/2″ brass screws, washer and nuts later:

2013-11-07 IMG_20131107_162628_288 2013-11-07 IMG_20131107_162640_504 2013-11-07 IMG_20131107_164410_280a

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