14.2.2 Priming

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Now it’s time to get ready for the first coat of primer. Like on the bottom, we’ll start with the gray primer. There are a couple of places that we simply can’t figure out if we have a low spot or an area surrounded by some high spots. Once the gray primer is one, then we will (hopefully) be able to figure it all out.

Here’s the “before” shot with the (top) in full “spotted dog” mode.

Since Malcolm has only one respirator, he did just about all the spraying. I mixed when he ran low on primer.

Spraying primer.

Almost done

The “after” shot. (we put the canard on hatch covers on just because)

Malcolm suggested painting a mouth with teeth under the nose since it looks like a shark.

And here’s another reason to prime at this point. The plane is COVERED with pinholes. They’re almost impossible to see until the surface is in a single uniform color. Once it is, they are VERY easy to see.

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