14.1.4 Aileron Balancing

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The balance of the aileron front-to-rear is important. Otherwise flutter can occur. First aileron is suspended from it’s hinge. The goal is that the aileron will rest in it’s natural position. Mine are a bit heavy at the trailing edge. This is normal. Lead weight that is used to balance automobile wheels is added to the front edge to change the balance.

I purchased some wheel weights at Harbor Freight a couple weeks ago. But when I opened them up today I noticed that they aren’t dull gray. Then I noticed the “Lead Free” sticker. So we went around to a few tire shops in the greater Greenville, SC area. It wasn’t until the third shop we stopped at before someone was willing to sell us the lead weights we needed (Thanks to Tire Exchange of Mauldin, SC).

Here you can see the locations for two rows of three strips of 3 ounce weights for a total of 18 ounces. We sanded around where the weights will be so that we can then cover them with a layer of BID.

This is the pilot side aileron. It was a little heavier and required an additional 3 ounces of weight for a total of 21 ounces.

After the veil and epoxy has cured.

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