14.2.1 Return of the Spotted Dog

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Return of the spotted dog

With the pin holes filled and the radius done, it’s time to sand. Most of the sanding should be uneventful. But some areas will be… enlightening. There were a couple spots on the wing where we just couldn’t figure out what was going on. High spot? Low spot? But with the whole area in gray, once we started sanding these areas, it became crystal clear. On the copilot wing, there were some low spots. But they aren’t low enough for micro and they were too low for primer.

Time for some backyard chemistry.

We decided to to mix micro balloon with the Akzo-Nobel gray primer. Since the micro balloon is inert, there shouldn’t be any reaction with the primer. I thought that we should do a small amount on a test area but Malcolm was absolutely certain there wouldn’t be a problem so we charged ahead. I mixed up the concoction and applied it with a roller (no way to spray it since it was real thick).

Here’s the result.


I had to head home the following morning but Malcolm says that it cured fine, sands easy and filled the low spots.

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