14.99 Placards

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There are four exterior placards and one data plate required.  The N-Number on each side and an “Experimental” placard at the each entrance (so when anyone gets in, they know it’s a experimental aircraft).

Because the aircraft is capable of speeds in excess of 180kts, 12″ N-Numbers are required. Since these are effectively temporary, I ordered the N-Numbers from Sporty’s because they were the cheapest. When I went to apply the numbers, I discovered two things. 1) They are only 11.5″ tall and 2) the spacing is such that they won’t fit in the space available. So it looks like I’m going to have find a different supplier for the N-Numbers.

The “Experimental” placards fit fine though.

2015-04-01 IMG_20150401_091125782

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