14.0 – Punchlist

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Making progress on Malcolm’s punchlist.

Fewer items than there were before.

2015-01-18 IMG_20141217_083024900 (Large) 2015-01-18 IMG_20141217_083036202 (Large)

Some of the items are pretty much done but since they aren’t “finished” I haven’t marked them off yet.  For example, the Vortalons, sparrow strainer and oil-door rework is pretty much complete.

Right now we’re working on the toe-in adjustment (AKA, wheel alignment) and it’s turning out to be very difficult.  We just can’t get a consistent setting.  Depending on the order the bolts are tightened, the measurement changes significantly.  It’s possible that the axles may have to come off and the gear leg gets re-worked. 🙁

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