14.2.2 Last prep before final priming

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I have a weekend between a Nexus class in Washington, DC and one in Richmond, VA. So after class on Friday, I flew into Greenville and on Saturday morning we started the final sanding. When I landed on Friday afternoon, the thermometer on the plane read 63! A really bizarre cold snap for the middle of July but perfect for spraying.

We spent all day sanding, washing, rinsing and masking.

Here’s that damned right wing. I thought we were done with it.

After the final sanding, the spot reappeared. It feels like a low (or flat) spot in the middle. But we keep sanding through to what seem to be ridges towards the front and rear. We went back and forth about what to do. We settled on looking at it when it was wet from the washing. When we did, it looked fine. So in the end, I made the call: Charlie Mike.

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