Trip 2 completed

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All finished for this trip. Got a lot accomplished.  Battery installed, electrical systems tested, control systems connected, fuel shutoffs installed. Malcolm is finishing up the priming and painting of the sparrow strainer, vortilons and cowling.

Some final pictures as I was leaving.

2015-01-21 1204 IMG_20150121_120439715 (Large) 2015-01-21 1205 IMG_20150121_120505707 (Large)

2015-01-21 1205 IMG_20150121_120524959 (Large) 2015-01-21 1205 IMG_20150121_120534343 (Large)

And because I’m supposed to have pictures of me with the airplane…

2015-01-21 1205 IMG_20150121_120559241 (Large)

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