14.2.1 Finishing Upper Airplane

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When I was working on the strake-wing joint on the top, I did the co-pilot (right) wing first. I concentrated on the area where the wing meets the strake. When I did the Pilot (left) side, I discovered that there was a “valley” that ran the length of the wing. I spent a LONG time filling and fairing in that wing. I was going to fix the right wing later.

Well, it’s later.

First we checked the left wing. I was pleased when Malcolm declared it good.  But even so, we hit the entire wing with sanding boards and got it more better. 🙂

Then is was time for the other wing. We spent the better part of a day sanding off all the excess filler. Then we “splined” the wing. Where the spline doesn’t touch the wing is a low spot. You mark those spots and then move the spline over and repeat. And repeat, and repeat and repeat. The result gives you and idea where the low spot is that needs fill.

Next comes fill and sand. At least it only needs to be done on one wing.

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