14.99 Engine Run III

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I’m pretty sure that the fuel metering is off since the fuel flow is a bit high and I can’t keep the engine running below 1,000RPM. But in order to adjust the fuel metering, I need to verify that the tach is reading accurately.  So I borrowed an optical tach and did another engine run.

So with Malcolm holding the optical tach, I ran the engine at a couple power settings and the panel was showing the exact same RPM as the optical tach.

2015-03-07 1555 IMG_20150307_155513645

While I was doing that I also tested both alternators. The primary alternator was working fine but the secondary alternator was not producing power. While troubleshooting, I discovered that the co-pilot side EFIS didn’t even show the secondary alternator.

EFIS-1 on the left and EFIS-2 on the right

2015-04-01 IMG_20150401_1329297272015-04-01 IMG_20150401_132936036

After a bit of research, I discovered that there is a software update for the EFIS that fixes this issue. So that will get done of the next trip down.  I doubt that is the reason for the inoperative secondary alternator but I’ll tackle that after the software update.

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