12.1 Engine Installation Prep

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Yesterday, I cut the titanium firewall shield. But some trimming is still required. At Oshkosh, Malcolm had me pickup some grinding stones that supposedly work great on titanium… And they do. I only destroyed two doing the entire firewall. It took about half a day. Put the titanium in place, mark where it’s too big, grind it down and repeat about two-dozen times. You can always take off more but you can’t add any if you take off too much, right?

Next it’s time to attach the engine to the motor mount. But there’s a problem. 🙁

The bolts that were supplied are AN7-36A’s. The manual says to use AN7-34A bolts. Sadly, I need the shorter 34A bolts. So now I have to wait until tomorrow for a delivery from Aircraft Spruce & Speciality.


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