12.3.1 Prop Control Bracket

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Once the Mixture Control Bracket was installed, I moved on to the prop control. This one looked to be a bit easier. It’s just an “L” shaped piece of aluminum with pre-drilled holes to mount it to the engine. Which means that all I need to do is located and drill the holes for the prop cable clamp.

Except that when I tried to put the bolt through the hole to mount the bracket to the engine, the bolt didn’t fit in the hole. By this point, I didn’t waste any time thinking about it, I just enlarged the holes to accommodate the bolts. Once that was done I mounted the bracket and determined where the holes for the cable clamps would go then drilled those.

Here’s the bracket with the cable mounted looking from the side, bottom and rear.

But, of course, I don’t like the silver aluminum color so it gets painted too.

Next is the throttle control. And that one looks like it will be a real pain. 🙁

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