12.3.1 – Mixture Control Mounting Bracket

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The factory supplied “Engine Installation Kit” comes with a number of pre-fabricated parts. One of those is the bracket that mounts the mixture cable.

Here’s what the factory supplied bracket looks like.

But when I tried to install it on the engine, the mounting holes lined up properly, but the plate was hitting in a couple places. I thought that I might have it installed backwards or in the wrong location but according to the manual, it was in the right place. So why isn’t it fitting? The mounting bracket is for a Continental IO-550N and that’s the engine I’ve got. So I must be doing something wrong. After scratching my head and trying different approaches, I finally decided to modify the bracket. Here’s what I ended up with:

And it fits perfectly. It would be SO MUCH EASIER if the manual just said “this part will require modification to clear existing nuts, bolt and other obstructions.” But no… you gotta figure that out on your own. 🙁

Here’s the bracket installed.

Clears all the obstructions, but it looks… wrong.

Back when I had the intake tubes built, I purchased some Continental Gold engine paint. See where this is going? 😉

Much nicer!

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