Engine Dehydrator

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One of the things that is bad for engines is moisture (that’s why all the aircraft boneyards are in the desert). A fellow member of the CPS (Cessna Pilots Society) has built an engine dehydrator. That I’ve been using for a while now.

You connect the tubes to the oil filler port and exhaust pipes. Then when you switch on the box, a small air pump recirculates air into the engine after passing it through a bottle of desiccant. The pump runs until the humidity gets to 5%.  Once the humidity rises to 10%, the pump turns on again so that in air inside the engine is always between 5-10% humidity.

2015-07-04 IMG_20150704_173935480_HDR 2015-07-04 IMG_20150704_173940633_HDR

I’ve seen some of these homebuilt systems that run either continuously or on a preset timer. I like this one because it actively monitors the moisture level.

Not sure if it’ll make any difference but it’s a lot more humid here in FL than it was in IL.

If you’re interested, contact Jerry Olson at jolsonpt38@sbcglobal.net. He will need to know what type of engine and if you made any modifications that he needs to accommodate (like my breather tube into the exhaust).

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