12.1.2 Intake tube modification

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I would direct you to a previous post on modifying two of the intake tubes.

After much work and head scratching on how to modify the existing tubes, we hit a stroke of luck.

The tenets in one of the spaces where Malcolm has his shop became available. For a while it was empty. Then someone moved in. One day Malcolm met the neighbors and during the introductions found out the guy builds race cars. He was showing Allan (of Allan Pittman Race Cars) what we were trying to do and he said basically said “That? I can weld up one those from scratch.”  Well, I guess when you build cars that hit almost 200MPH in an 1/8th of a mile, this is child’s play. I also learned that when the cars go REAL fast… They only need an eighth of a mile.

So I bought the flanges and some stock tubing and gave him the parts. In about as long as it takes one of his cars to fly down the 1/8 mile strip, I had a pair of custom made intake tubes.

Custom intake tubes for the #5 and #6 cylinders

And here’s a before/after of the #5

And of the #6 cylinder

I picked up some “Continental Gold” paint and Malcolm is going to sand blast and paint them.

Then it’s time to modify the upper cowling to accommodate the main air intake. There’s simply no way around that.


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