12.3.1 Throttle Control Bracket

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I had already done a little checking and I could not get the throttle control cable bracket to fit. I tried a couple different approaches but it just wouldn’t fit. So I started modifying it (much like I did with the mixture control bracket).  Put it on, see where it hits, take it off, file some material away, put it back on. And repeat, repeat, repeat. 🙁

After about TWO HOURS, I threw in the towel and got a piece of aluminum angle. After about 90 minutes, I had a bracket.

On the top is the factory bracket. The bottom is the one I made.

At first glance, it would appear that I could have accomplished this by simply taking off more material. But the problem was where the cable clamp mounted. Those are the holes in the second picture. The first problem was that the bracket was too wide and hit the intake manifold. I couldn’t take any more material away or I would compromise the hole for the clamp. The second problem was the cable wasn’t aligning with the throttle arm. Which meant the cable (and clamp) had to be moved outboard. Hence the new bracket.

I’m not painting this bracket until I locate where the landing gear warning switch goes.


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