12.2.1 – Aluminum Oil Lines

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The aluminum oil lines from the nose oil cooler have been in for a while. But I couldn’t install the flex lines to the engine because I needed to install the sandwich plate on the engine which provides the inlet and outlet for the oil to the secondary (nose) cooler.

So I drained the oil, removed the filter and installed the sandwich plate.

Then I got the 1/2″ braided, stainless steel flex lines and cut them to length. We figured that straight fittings were not going to provide good routing for the oil lines so I bought four 45-degree fittings. I installed one on each flex line, slide the firesleeve over the line and then installed the fittings on the other ends. I finished up by clamping the firesleeve to the fittings.

At Malcolm’s insistence, I purchased 4 “Del Seals”. These are little washer than go inside flare fittings. They insure a good seal between aluminum and steel fittings. So I then attached the oil lines to the firewall fitting.

Attached at the sandwich plate.

Then the new (shorter) oil filter was installed.

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