12.4 EGT Probe Installation

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Installing the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) probes is pretty straightforward. Simply measure down 2″ – 8″ from the cylinder, drill an 1/8″ hole, insert the probe and tighten the clamp.

Well, except for the center cylinder. That exhaust tube has a slip joint. And because the entire exhaust system is relatively low-profile, the probe on that cylinder was going to be where the two pieces overlapped.

So first I marked and drilled the holes (I measured down 2″). Then I removed the exhaust assembly from both sides. On the center exhaust tube, I removed the inner part and drilled that hole out to 1/4″. Then deburred all the holes, re-assembled and re-mounted the exhaust system.

Then installed the probes for each cylinder.

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