12.2.3 Mechanical Fuel Pump Drain

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According to the manual, the next fuel drain line to tackle is the engine driven mechanical fuel pump. I looked and looked by couldn’t find the fitting though. I checked every book and manual I had but none showed exactly where it was. Because the fuel pump is located on the front of the engine, it’s between the engine and the firewall. I climbed all over the engine with flashlights and mirrors trying to get a better view but couldn’t find anything.

Then I took my phone and started shoving it anywhere it would fit (on the engine, thank you very much) and just kept taking pictures. That’s when I found it. On the bottom of the pump, right up against the engine and behind the fuel supply line fitting.

Now the problem is trying to get a line on the drain fitting. There was simply no way to get to fit. So I removed the supply line and I could almost get to it. Then I rotated the fuel supply fitting about an 1/8th of a turn and I was able to get the drain line on. But…

I had to rotate the supply fitting counter-clockwise. Loosening it. A definite no-no. Which means the fitting had to come out and get cleaned with a fresh layer of fuel fitting seal and then reinstalled.

So I started to unscrew the fitting. After 2 turns, it hit the oil pump housing.

The only way to remove the fitting is to remove the fuel pump. The infamous domino effect.

So off comes the fuel pump.

Here’s the pump on the bench. It’s upside down so this is looking at the bottom. Notice how the drain line is pointing directly at the supply line fitting.

And because the pump was removed, I have to replace the gasket so I had to order one of those from my A&P.

Once I got the new gasket, I reinstalled the supply fitting making sure it allowed a path for the drain line. Then reinstalled the pump and connected the supply line and feed line.



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