12.2.2 Fuel Lines

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On the engine side of the firewall, after the fuel filter comes the electric boost pump. Like the fuel filter, the boost pump requires a mounting bracket. Malcolm has a mold for a Wheldon pump that is almost a perfect fit for my Dukes pump.

After making the mold, the fuel filter was removed so that both mounting brackets could be painted. While they were off, Malcolm applied intumescent caulk around the edge of the titanium.

Once the paint and caulk has dried, the fuel filter and pump are installed along with the fuel lines.

Bulkhead fitting on the right, then the fuel filter and then the electric boost pump. The yellow around the firewall and the motor mounts is the caulk.

We tried to put a flex line between the fuel filter and pump. That way it would be easier to service the filter. But we couldn’t get a flex line to fit.

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