12.2.3 Spider Drain Line

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The final drain line is from the Fuel Distributor (AKA spider… you’ll see why in a minute) which sends fuel to each cylinder.

This one will be the trickiest since it will have to penetrate the plenum. First I looked through all my pictures of other IO-550N installations to see where those lines were routed.

Here’s the engine as it sits now. The spider is the silver hockey puck with 6 small lines coming out (I guess it should be called an insect) which go to each cylinder. The drain fitting is on the bottom pointing towards the right.

Here’s the drain line connected.

I drilled a hole in the right deck of the baffle and put a grommet in it and then ran the drain line through it.

And out the bottom.

The line is then clamped to the engine mount near the oil cooler.

Over to the firewall (I still have to put another clamp on the line at the firewall).

And out the bottom of the fuselage just to the right of the fuel pump drains.

Many builders put the flexible drain lines in firesleeve. I checked with my A&P and some references and determined that since the drain lines are non-pressurized and go overboard, it is not necessary to use firesleeve.

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