13.3.3 / 13.5.3 Trim & Landing Light Test

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The canard is now installed and all the wires have been run.

2015-01-21 1201 IMG_20150121_120138393 (Large)

The TCW Trim Controller works like a champ.  When I first tested it, I thought there was a problem since it would only run for about three seconds and then stop.  But then I remembered that there is a “trim runaway” protection feature which prevents a stuck switch from resulting in the trim being run all the way.  So you just have to re-activate the switch if you ever need more trim.  There’s also a reverse trim function that also works perfectly.

There is also a high and low speed trim function so that when you’re flying slow (like in the pattern) the trim motor runs at a higher speed than it does when you’re flying fast.  I haven’t tested that function yet.

I also powered up the landing lights.

2015-01-19 1059 IMG_20150119_105915478 (Large)

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