13.2.1 Instrument Panel – Final Install

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With the new battery installed, Audio Panel moved, and GPS installed, it’s time to reassemble the instrument panel for (I hope) the last time.  During this install, I’ll be using locking hardware and securing wires.

Once everything was back together it was time to fire up the electronics for the first time in quite a while.

I was so very happy that everything powered up properly!

2015-01-18 IMG_20150118_154232895_HDR (Large)

Since the glareshield is now installed, I can test the panel lights as well.

2015-01-18 IMG_20150118_154244987_HDR (Large)

And since the wings were now on and wired, I was able to test the Nav and strobe lights.

2015-01-19 1059 IMG_20150119_105945849 (Large)

Next, I’ll install the canard and connect the landing lights, trim motor and heater fan and test those.  I’ve also got to find a headset and see if the radios work.


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